BLOG: Christine Nelson making a change

BLOG: Christine Nelson making a change

In my first-ever blog I'm going to go ahead and come clean with a confession.

I have been leading a double life. Not the double life where I'm journalist-by-day and secret-agent-by-night executing covert missions. (That's way more exciting than my real life.)

It's a double life because of this phrase you hear me say on television Monday through Friday mornings on WBTV – "I'm Christine Nelson."

So what am I trying to say, is that not really my name? Well, actually that's correct. It's not my name! Christine Nelson hasn't been my name since I got married almost nine years ago.

My name is Christine Sperow. You would know that as you walk through my house and catch glimpses of the Sperow surname etched on the wall and all the monogrammed "S's" sprinkled throughout my house in various fonts. (I'm a little obsessed with monograms.)

So why didn't I change my name on air when I got married? I was well into my career when I said "I do" and established my so-called TV identity as "Christine Nelson."

I was sucked into television news rule #472-Section C.52-A that change is "bad!"

My husband was not the type to demand that my name be changed to Sperow on television. So for the sake of not having to adjust to change, I remained as Christine Nelson.

Which brings me to where we are today. I'm not just "the news lady on TV" as many viewers identify me when they see me out in public. I'm first and foremost a wife and a mom and make up a percentage of the pie we like to refer to as "Team Sperow" in our house. Then, I'm a journalist.

So it's time for that to be reflected on my team uniform so to speak.

How grateful I am to work for a company that supports me 100%, and is allowing to me use my real name Christine Sperow on the air. I don't consider it a change…it's my God-given name.

So from 4:30-9:00 a.m. on WBTV and Bounce TV I'll be saying "Good morning I'm Christine Sperow!" Say it with me…SPEAR-row. No not "sparrow" like the bird. It's SPEAR-row.

Say it again...SPEAR-row. Good!

Keep checking back in to my blog "Sperow's Nest." People always stop me and say watching us each morning makes us feel like family to them and I feel the same way about you! So my "Sperow's Nest" blog will be another side of my life I don't always get to share on TV!!


- Christine Sperow

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