From New Zealand to Charlotte Motor Speedway

From New Zealand to Charlotte Motor Speedway

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Thousands of race fans from all over the country, and the world are gathering at Charlotte Motor Speedway for the track is calling "10 Days of Thunder." And for fans who live in some countries where there is no NASCAR, there's nothing like a road trip…a really long road trip.

You know it's an exciting race when a former winner says his favorite memory of the All Star Race, is the one he actually won.

"It would have to be the Winston in '87," NASCAR Hall of Famer Bill Elliot told WBTV.  "A lot of the "Winstons" were a lot of fun back in those days, it's kind of the way it goes, it's a hell of a race."

So it's no surprise that fans come from all over. Many camp in the infield, and you see a lot of flags, but several from New Zealand? The campers flying those flags may not be from around here.

"No , we're certainly not, we're from a fair way away, from New Zealand and we've come all the way to experience NASCAR," Wayne Palleson told WBTV.

Wayne Palleson is a big NASCAR fan and he's from Havelock North, New Zealand.  He found a few more fans and put together this trip through his company, Iconic Motorsports Adventures. The fans rented RV's and set up a compound near turn four.

They stay in the RV's, tour the race shops, and spend a lot of time, just enjoying each others company, and the atmosphere of the speedway.

And if you wanted to know if New Zealand fans had any particular drivers they really liked, you can see at least one Denny Hamlin fan…

"There's a whole range, it's like it is here, everybody has their favorite traditional driver, so yeah, it's right across the board," Palleson added.