BLOG: Self-healing concrete - what will they invent next?

BLOG: Self-healing concrete - what will they invent next?

Cracking concrete is the bane of many a contractor and homeowner alike. But hairline cracks and crumbling concrete seem nearly impossible to stop. So how about a concrete mix that would heal itself?

That's what a scientist in the Netherlands says he has come up with. It's a new concrete recipe that adds a certain bacteria to the list of ingredients. When water penetrates and begins to crack the concrete, it also activates the bacteria and thus begins the healing process.

What I've described here certainly oversimplifies the process. But here's a link to the article and a video piece from CNN interviewing the professor.

There's also a series of impressive photographs showing the "healing" process.

Maybe sometime in the near future, the fear of stepping on a crack and breaking your mothers back will be a thing of the past.

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