BLOG: Hail damage in the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Maybe it's happened to you, or someone you know, or you've just seen a car driving down the road covered with those tiny dents you just can't miss. If a thunderstorm catches you off guard while you're driving down the road, sometimes damage from hail is unavoidable.

While extremely large hail (baseball sized or larger) is hardly every seen across the Carolinas, quarter or golf ball sized hail can still cause property damage, especially to vehicles, and we do often see these (relatively) smaller sized hailstones in this part of the country.

Many of us do not own or have access to garages, so sometimes this hail damage simply cannot be avoided. However, we are usually able to forecast severe weather days that may have a higher likelihood of producing hail, by detecting a colder layer of air (called a cold pool) high up in the atmosphere. So if you are able to put your car in a garage, you could have advance notice to do this if you pay attention to the weather.

Damage due to hail cost State Farm Insurance Agency policyholders 2.4 billion dollars in 2014! State Farm put together a list of hail-related insurance claims by state, and you may be surprised to see that one of the Carolinas made the top 10 list! Can you guess which one it is? Find out and check out the rest of the list by clicking here.

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