"Naked man" charged last week now back in jail for refusing to pay taxi driver

"Naked man" charged last week now back in jail for refusing to pay taxi driver

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Rowan County man who was arrested last week and charged with  sitting naked in his backyard and threatening his neighbors with an AK-47 is now back in jail, this time accused of not paying a $34 cab fare.

According to the report at the Rowan Sheriff's Office, Brian Carroll took a taxi from Salisbury to his home on Lentz Road, and when the cab arrived at his home, Carroll went inside and refused to come out to pay the driver.

The driver called the sheriff's office, and when a deputy arrived, he was greeted by a man claiming to be Carroll's brother in law.  The deputy told the man that the taxi driver would have to be paid.

Carroll then appeared, and told the deputy that his wife Betty was on the way to the house with the money for the cab fare.  The deputy asked for Betty's cell phone number so that he could verify that claim.  Another woman in the house then handed the phone to the deputy and said that Betty was on the line.

According to the report, Betty told the deputy she was on the way to West Virginia and wasn't coming back because she "was tired" of Carroll.

Carroll was then arrested for hiring to defraud a tax driver and taken to jail.  At the jail, deputies say Carroll became irate and punched a whiteboard on the wall.  He then told deputies that he was suicidal.

Carroll was jailed under $500 bond.

The previous incident was first reported to deputies on Saturday afternoon, May 2, according to the report. A homeowner near Deal Road had called to say that his neighbor was sitting in the back yard totally naked, and that his chair was less than thirty feet from where the homeowner's teen daughter was riding a horse.

When deputies arrived, they found Carroll "completely naked" on the back porch of his home at 2828 Deal Road, lot 5. The report indicated Carroll had a towel around his neck.

The report notes that when asked why he was naked, Carroll, referring to his neighbor said "he p***** me off so I sat in that chair." Carroll allegedly told deputies that he wanted to be naked and wasn't going to put on any clothes, stating "I don't care."

Deputies asked Carroll if he had threatened his neighbors by saying that he had an AK-47 and "knew how to use it." Carroll said that he did make the statement, then laughed, according to the report.

The report notes that Carroll, who is listed as "disabled" on the arrest report, was exposing his "private parts" and "other full frontal nudity."

Carroll has a court date of June 18.

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