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BLOG: Does weather affect your mood? Sort of...


I go to bed very late, and get up late.  So when the sun is setting at 5:11pm (our earliest sunset each year in December), I don't get a whole lot of 'light therapy' in the winter months.  That is why I'm a big fan of Daylight Saving Time.  I love those long evenings and still getting work done in my yard at 8pm at night.  The latest sunset is typically around 8:42pm with plenty of twilight still around after 9pm in late June.

And as my productivity increases, my mood seems to get better during the warmer months too.  Is it because of the weather?  Or is it because of the seasons?  It may seem like I'm splitting hairs, but there is a difference.  The weather changes every day from sunny to cloudy, to rainy with cooler and warmer days mixing in as well.  I've never noticed my mood swinging from one day to the next as the daily weather changes.  But the warmer and brighter summer season does seem to lift my spirits.  And data apparently supports the notion that the longer summer days contribute to better health for most (but not all) people.  It invites people outside, and sunlight in moderation is good.  Getting outdoors encourages more activity, that is, exercise which is all good for your mindset. 

Of course summer can come with danger too.  Generally more people are killed by heat every year than every other weather hazard. So the news isn't all good.

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