Think Fast: What to do after a fender-bender

THINK FAST: what to do if a driver hits your car

With Charlotte's congested roadways, police respond to dozens of fender-benders every day. If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of one, there is information you need to know.

Insurance agents tell WBTV there are moves that you should make that can save you time and money.

Michael McGee, with Charlotte Insurance, said the first thing you should do, after a wreck, is move your car to the side of the road and get to a safe place.

"Get safe, get your information exchanged and call the police," McGee said.

McGee said it's important to not let the other driver influence your decision about filing a police report. Sometimes, people make the mistake of "trying to leave police out of it," McGee told WBTV.

"If there is enough damage that you can see it, call the police. Let them come and file a report so that two or three days down the road, or two or three weeks down the road, people aren't forgetting exactly what happened," said McGee.

After you call police, McGee told WBTV your next call should be to your insurance agent. Not your insurance company. McGee said your agent can save you time and money.

"Your agent may say, hey, no look, the guy behind you hit you. It is clearly his fault. We are just going to report it through them and let them settle your claim," said McGee.

Having the other driver's insurance company handle the claim, when they are at fault, keeps you from having to a pay a deductible.

Now, we all know using your phone behind the wheel can get you in trouble. However, after an accident, your phone can be your best friend. You should use it to document the crash and visible damage.

"Take some pictures, show where the cars were, what happened, all the different things you can see so you remember it when you have to give a statement," McGee said.

McGee also recommends taking pictures of the other person's license and insurance information.

Something else to keep in mind, most insurance companies have apps to help guide you through the process of filing a claim.

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