China Grove Police warn of possible attempted abduction at Relay For Life event

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - In a post on its Facebook page the China Grove Police Department is warning of the possible attempted abduction of two girls during the Relay For Life event at the Rowan County Fairgrounds on Friday night.

The post states that "a man approached two young girls and attempted to get them away from the crowd by asking them to help him find his daughter. The man was white, 6'2 - 6'4, he was medium built for his height and weighed around 230 pounds. He was clean shaven and had either a scar or a deep wrinkle on the left side of his face. His hair was mostly gray and of medium length and swooped over to the side. He was wearing a charcoal gray puffer jacket and dark jeans."

"The mother of the children said 'I've always taught my children to never talk or go anywhere with a stranger but it failed miserably tonight. They said he looked so sad. If my sister wasn't right there watching them, they would have been gone in a split second!! Please share this so other parents will be aware of what is walking amongst our children! It's a scary world we live in,'" the Facebook post continued.

"Folks it is indeed a scary world and we must look out for each other, especially our children. If you recognize the man described or have any information please message us on this page. You can call 704-857-7755 ext 209 if you want to remain anonymous."

The department shared that it posted the story to raise awareness.