Crime Stoppers' Year

Crimestoppers 2015

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Domestic violence and the murder rate are both trending up this year in Charlotte - that's according to CMPD figures released this week.

But police have put a dent in the burglary and larceny numbers, and some of it is thanks to Crime Stoppers.

2015 began with a break-in across the street from UNC Charlotte's campus, at a new apartment complex. No one noticed a prowler caught on surveillance video who pushed open two glass doors that were cabled together and squeezed through.

Once inside, he tugged a 70-inch flat-screen television off the wall. He also took laptops and other electronics, but he dropped a set of keys which could be evidence that cracks the case.

In February, a homeowner was away for the night and two men used a pry bar to break in.

One man was seen rummaging through drawers.

Together they stole a $5,000 television and a shotgun. Those crooks were eventually caught thanks to Crime Stoppers tips.

We also showed you a slow speed stick-up where a robber wanted to argue for several minutes with a clerk before pulling a gun, just to take a couple cans of beer.

Plus, there was a rash of perfume thefts. Channel perfumes were stolen in great quantity from Ulta stores in Salisbury and Charlotte.

Three men walked out of one store with 30 bottles worth $2,600. Police think they wanted to sell it to folks coming to town for the CIAA Tournament.

Three cars parked at one apartment complex were all broken into on the same night. But the crook didn't realize the taxi cab had a video camera rolling. Police got a good look at a man who took a GPS and $125 in cash.

And we showed you two kids out of school, looking for trouble in a parking deck at SouthPark Mall.

They wound up taking 12 fire extinguishers. When they saw the surveillance camera, they extinguished it with a spray from the fire bottle.

As always, if you know anything about these incidents, please call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. Crime doesn't pay, but Crime Stoppers does.

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