BLOG: School nurse gives mom peace of mind

BLOG: School nurse gives mom peace of mind

If you've got a child with any kind of health issue, even just fighting a cold, you always hope they'll get the TLC they need to make it through the school day!

I could really appreciate Michelle Parrish's nomination for "Mo's Heroes." She wants Nurse Margaret Martin at Finley Road Elementary. in Rock Hill, to be recognized for giving her peace of mind every school day.

Michelle, who is a Certified Nursing Assistant, was worried about sending her precious child to school because of her daughter's delicate health.

"My daughter, Destany, has a blood disorder called ITP. Thank God it's not Cancer. It's when your platelets are low and you can't be active because it can cause internal bleeding," Michelle told me.

She says Nurse Margaret is her rock!! Michelle lost her mom six and a half years ago and has really leaned on Nurse Margaret for guidance.

She says of the school nurse, "She is a second Mom to my Destany, as well for me."

According to Michelle, Nurse Margaret takes great care of the kids at her school. "She keeps a close eye on my daughter at school and even gave me her personal cell number in case I need her," Michelle said.

Nurse Margaret made an impression on Michelle's family from the first day of kindergarten.!

"The first time my daughter went to Nurse Margaret, she told her teacher, 'I didn't know we had a SCHOOL Nurse!'"

Destany enjoys the tender care of Nurse Margaret so much, Michelle says she's had to have a talk with her daughter about not making up excuses to see the school nurse!

Nurse Margaret, thank you for taking your job seriously and giving parents, like Michelle, peace of mind while their kids are away at school.

As a kid. I battled health issues and I really know how important the school nurse can be! It sounds like you really go the extra mile to make kids in your care feel safe, but more importantly, feel better!! Thank you for all you do Nurse Margaret!

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