BLOG: Hero firefighter and hero at home

BLOG: Hero firefighter and hero at home

Dion Burleson is a true hero by the very definition of his job. As a firefighter for both the Denver and Davidson fire departments, he risks his life to for the safety of others.

But thanks to his daughter DeAnn Burleson Hedrick, I learned Dion Burleson is a hero on another front, the home front. He's a hero father to four children.

"Dad does everything he can to provide for the family…he'll work 96 hours straight before he even gets to come home," DeAnn told me. "While he's sacrificed time in the service of others, he always makes sure the time he spends with us is awesome,"

I could almost see the smile on her face!

Dion, according to DeAnn, always wanted a big, tight-knit family. Something he didn't have growing up. But his family has had its struggles. One of DeAnn's sisters is physically and mentally disabled and recently became ill.

DeAnn says when her sister went into the hospital her family learned just how loved they were by their father and his 'firefighter family'.

"What is even more amazing is the large family we have from Dad working on these local fire departments," DeAnn said. "It was amazing to watch other firefighters come together to support our family and cover my Dad's shifts so that he could be there with my mother."

DeAnn wrote on my Facebook page, "I know he would be honored to be a 'Mo's Hero' and I know that you will not be disappointed in this choice!"

DeAnn, you are right. What a wonderful example of a hero in every sense of the word! Thank you Dion for loving your family and caring for some many others in your service to this community.

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