BLOG: How Cathy Bridges' children turned hardship into help for others

BLOG: How Cathy Bridges' children turned hardship into help for others

In the best of times, parenting can be a tough job. But in the hardest time of her life as a parent, Cathy Bridges says her kids taught her!

That's why she wants her two grown children, Luke Jenkins and Kimberly Castro recognized as Mo's Heroes!

In 2007, Cathy learned just how strong and faithful her children were when their father suddenly passed away.

"He died of a massive heart attack seven days before Christmas 2007," Cathy told me.

Both Luke and Kimberly were college-aged and home for Christmas break. Instead of crumbling in grief, Cathy says both kids found a way to turn such a horrible loss into blessings for others.

"My two children took the tragic loss of their daddy, and turned it around to help others," Cathy wrote.

Luke is a Youth Pastor at the Capitol Church in Garner, North Carolina. There, he has been mentoring and ministering to kids for six years, according to his mom. In his work, Cathy says he's been a hero to many young people who faced a similar loss.

"Luke has helped numerous young people cope with sudden loss in their own lives, his youth ministry is 60-plus students and growing," Cathy says.

Her daughter, Kimberly, has had more of a struggle with life.

"At age eleven she became a Type 1 diabetic…and not ONE time did she ever complain," her mom writes. "In fact, she has always told me that she thanked the Lord for her diabetes, because it has kept her close to Him and has given her a totally positive outlook on life in general!!!"

While Cathy likes to call her kids heroes, and I'm sure they are, it also takes good parenting to raise good kids!

Hats off to all three of you and those who love you. Thanks for making this world a better place!

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