Officials: Patient tests negative for Ebola, taken out of isolation

Officials: Patient tests negative for Ebola, taken out of isolation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A man who exhibited symptoms associated with Ebola at Carolinas Medical Center has tested negative for the virus, the health care organization said Tuesday evening.

The patient was being treated in an outpatient setting after being admitted to the hospital, officials said Tuesday afternoon.

The patient traveled to one of the African countries where the deadly disease is found, according to medical officials. Mecklenburg County Health officials said in a press conference that the man had traveled to West Africa and returned to the U.S. April 17.

The symptoms had developed within the past 24 hours, health officials said.

CMC said in a press conference that the likelihood that the person was infected with Ebola was very low, but they were treating the situation "with all due caution to protect patients, visitors and staff."

The individual, whose identity has not been released, was tested for Ebola after CMC said the man had multiple medical issues and some of the symptoms exhibited could be from an underlying illness. Those tests came back negative.

The patient had been placed in a special unit that was prepared to treat possible cases of infectious disease. CMC says care was being provided to the patient by a specially trained medical staff.

After the tests came back negative, CMC said, he was being transferred to a regular room for treatment.

"Our collaboration with the county and state health departments and our pre-established infectious disease protocols were followed successfully," CMC officials said via press release. "Carolinas HealthCare System has prepared our teammates and staff for instances like these, should the need arise. Fortunately, no further action in this matter is necessary."

Since October the county has monitored 150 people for Ebola-like symptoms. All but one of those people was initially considered "low risk."

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