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BLOG: What would you do? What should you do?


I ran across this gripping video of a motorist coming face to face with a large tornado.  I found myself yelling at the video telling him to turn around and flee.  But according to the National Weather Service recommendations, I was actually giving him bad advice.  

Let's be clear.  Automobiles are TERRIBLE and DEADLY places to be in a tornado, about the worst place you can be.  But based on statistics collected, fleeing a tornado in you car can be just as dangerous, both from your inability to escape the tornado and other accidents you may cause with other panicked drivers.

So what should have he done?  The official recommendations state you should get out of your car (or mobile home), get into a ditch, lie flat and cover your head.  And you absolutely should not hide under a bridge overpass as we've seen in other videos.  People trapped in cars are tossed around so violently, you might as well be in a blender!  I suppose if you can't summon the courage to step out of your car and into that ditch, then fleeing is still probably a better bet than remaining a sitting duck.  

Fortunately this person narrowly misses the worst of this twister, but wow was it close!

Click here to watch it!

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