Miscommunication leads to repo man dragging shed from home

Family says shed wrongfully repossessed

KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC (WBTV) - A Kings Mountain family called On Your Side Investigates for help after they say their storage barn was dragged off their property by a repo man.

Javion Hill, who purchased the shed through a rent-to-own agreement, said he was current on the payments.

A little digging turned up a miscommunication between Hill and the company that financed the lease, Carolina Lease Management.

When Hill leased his barn, he paid $1,000 up front. At the time, he signed a contract that said the up-front money would be treated as a down payment but still required him to make lower monthly payments. Instead of that arrangement, though, Hill wanted to treat the $1,000 payment as an up-front payment that covered his $89 monthly bill.

Carolina Lease sent him a revised contract in the mail. Hill said he signed the new contract and sent it back in the self-addressed, stamped envelope provided by the finance company. The company said it never received a signed copy of the revised contract.

Because the company never got the new contract, it sent a repo man to take the barn on April 2, 2015. Hill was able to keep his barn, though, after he showed his signed copy of the new contract and paid a $150 repossession fee. That day he also talked with a representative from Carolina Lease who said they would send another copy of the revised contract by certified mail. Hill never received the third contract and the company has no record that shows it was ever sent.

That's why the repo man showed back up at the Hill residence at 6:00 a.m. last Wednesday, April 22.

"We heard a lot of dumping and banging and it was pretty loud, Hill said. "I look out and the building's gone and they've dragged it down the road."

Pictures show deep gouges in Hill's yard where the shed was dragged off its blocks. Grooves in the pavement trace the path the repo man took with the shed.

Neighbors told On Your Side Investigates that the shed hit and damaged a mailbox and almost hit a school bus.

"[They] drug it down the road and barely missed a school bus. The school bus had to dodge it," neighbor Gregg Carringer said. "I've never seen anything like that in my life and I don't think its right."

The shed was eventually pulled onto the flat bed of the truck and delivered back to the dealership. In the process, Hill's motorcycle and some items of furniture that had been passed down through his wife's family were damaged.

Pictures taken inside the shed show the furniture came crashing down on top of the motorcycle.

Carolina Lease issued a statement in response to our calls asking why the company took Hill's shed. The company maintains Hill was behind on his payments but doesn't provide an explanation of how he was behind, given the $1,000 up-front payment.

"Carolina Lease Mgt. Group, LLC is concerned about the recent events alleged by Mr. Hill. Although this is an account that that was past due and subject to repossession under the terms of his contract with the company and all repossession activities are outsourced to independent hauling companies, Carolina Lease expects its affiliates to conduct themselves in a professional manner in all circumstances. There is evidently considerable disagreement between Mr. Hill and the independent contractor about what occurred in this particular case."

Hill was injured during one of his encounters with the repo man. He pressed charges against Jeremy Arrowood for misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrest warrant for Arrowood says Hill claimed the utility building ran over the back of his legs.

Hill said he would like Carolina Lease to return his barn and pay for the damage to his motorcycle.

At press time, an attorney for Carolina Lease said she had not been authorized to offer Hill any compensation.

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