What information can you find on a vehicle history report?

What information can you find on a vehicle history report?
Vehicle history report
Vehicle history report
Are you shopping for a used car in Charlotte? One of the scariest things about buying a pre-owned vehicle is that you never know its history and if there are any hidden problems. Although you don’t have to worry about quality with the vehicles at our Charlotte used car dealership, you should have concerns when buying a car from a private seller. However, there’s a way to get the information you need about a car before buying it – run a vehicle history report!

Why should you ask for a vehicle history report?

You should never buy a used car in Charlotte without first running a vehicle history report. This report has a ton of important information you need to know about the car and its past! With this information, you don’t have to take a big chance on the car and you can sign on the dotted line with a little more peace of mind! Here are some of the reasons you should run a used car vehicle history report
It tells you information about previous owners
One important piece of information you can find on the report is the number of previous owners the car had. If you see that this number is unusually high, you might want to think twice about buying the car. This is usually a red flag that there is something wrong with the car. This could also mean that it missed routine car maintenance while changing hands so many times.
You can find out where it was located
A vehicle history report will also have information about where the car was located. Why is this important? You should be weary of places with extreme temperatures. If the vehicle is from a location with snow, you might want to look out for rust that’s common from the salt on the roads. This is also true for locations near the ocean. 
It provides information about accidents 
One of the most important pieces of information you can find on a vehicle history report is the accidents the car has been in. If you only see a small accident reported, you may not have to worry. However, you might not want to buy the car if you see that it was in a serious accident and it received extensive damage, like frame damage, you may not want to take a chance on the car. 
You can find information about auto repairs
You also want to check the vehicle history report to find out about the auto repairs the car has had. This is information that you definitely want to know to be sure that it received quality repairs!

Count on quality at our used car dealership in Charlotte

Did you know that we offer a FREE vehicle history report with every used car in Charlotte? All you have to do is ask! With this information at hand, you can buy a used car in Charlotte with confidence! 
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