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We're above average… Who gets to decide that?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It seems like it has been a wet spring, right? Yet we're only 0.75” above average for yearly rainfall. To get those yearly rainfall averages, you need a special formula… that you learned in elementary school. Remember the old “find the average” math problems? Same thing! To find average rainfall, you take all the rainfall totals from the past 30 years… add them up… and divide that number by 30. (See kids, you really do use math when you grow up!) It's the same with temperature averages. For today's average high, you would take the high temperature from each April 26th for the past 30 years… add those up and divide by 30.

By taking the average, you throw out those extreme years or record years. It doesn't mean that every April 16th should be 75°. Especially in the spring and fall in the Carolinas, we all  know temperatures can be all over the place! Of all the seasons around here, summer days tend to be the closest to average for both highs and lows. We have our high humidity to thank for that. It prevents too much variation.

So when it comes to weather, some days it's good to be above average. Others – maybe you would be content to be on the low end of the curve.

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