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Web site says Rowan County has one of the "ten chilling urban legends" in North Carolina

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Have you ever spent any time on Gravity Hill?  Maybe late at night?  For generations of folks in Rowan County it's been a rite of passage, or maybe something to avoid.  Now Gravity Hill is getting some publicity, rolling onto a list of the ten most chilling urban legends in North Carolina. 

The survey was posted on a site called "Only In North Carolina," and this is the link to the full story:


The entry on Gravity Hill says "the legend of gravity hill is linked to a truly tragic story. It is said that on Richfield Road, a young mother and her child were driving when her car stalled. As she got out of the car and attempted to push the car up the hill herself, a truck came along, hit, and killed both instantly. Today, legend has it that if you go to the hill and put baby powder on the hood you will see hand prints when you get to the top. Legend also says if you put your car in neutral at the bottom, you will be pushed up the hill."

That's the story, and you probably don't have to ask around too long before you find someone who has some kind of experience on Gravity Hill.

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