WBTV News App - how to customize alert settings

WBTV's news app will make you among the first to know about breaking news in our area. Now, our app lets you choose precisely which types of alert messages you will receive.

Customizing the app is quick and easy. Here's how...

  1. Launch the WBTV News app and hit the menu button (the three horizontal bars at the top).
  2. Hit the gear wheel icon at the bottom to open Settings and you will see the list of alert categories.
  3. Turn each category off and on according to your preferences.
  4. If you want to opt out of the early morning alerts, turn off the WakeUp category.
  5. If the WakeUp category is not showing up in your list, that's an easy fix. At the bottom of the settings menu, hit "App Reset" and then answer Yes to the confirmation box. That will cause WakeUp to appear.
  6. That's it!

Thanks for using WBTV's news app!