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BLOG: Your kid dreams about forecasting tornadoes? Give 'em crayons!


The best of the best severe weather forecasters are assembled at the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK.  Here they issue severe weather outlooks along with Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm Watches for the entire country.  

One would assume they use the fastest and most sophisticated weather computers and atmospheric models to analyze the latest conditions.  One would be wrong.  

Mom where did you hide my crayons?  Ok perhaps they're not reaching for their Crayola 64 pack, but these experts still use good ol' color pencils to analyze small details in weather maps to help them pinpoint local weather features that may trigger severe weather.  Once they develop a mental picture of the weather setup, then they turn to the super computers that depict future weather.  Knowing the details of the current weather helps them see if the computers are off on the right foot or if they haven't initialized correctly.  

For more on this interesting look inside the Storm Prediction Center click here!

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