Weather Blog: A day for the ducks

Weather Blog: A day for the ducks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - As my Mom used to say, "It was a day for the ducks!" We saw almost an inch of rain in Charlotte Wednesday - and it looks like it's the most rain we've seen in a calendar day in just over THREE MONTHS! Wow!

I took a look back because I couldn't remember the last time I saw .98" of rain in a day (which was the total from today).

Although a few other days were up there, I had to go all the way back to January 12th to find the last time we had this much rain in a calendar day!

So far, this rain has been purely beneficial. There haven't been any flooding issues (thankfully), it's helped to lower the pollen count (thank goodness!) AND we are running at a rain deficit for the year so it helped to cut into that deficit (yay!)

However, that's the bad news. Although today's rain helped put us above average for rainfall for the MONTH, we're still below average for the YEAR by over two inches (see attached graphic).

The new drought monitor comes out tomorrow, but at last check just over 40% of the state of North Carolina was considered abnormally dry. You can check out the latest drought monitor here:

Looking ahead, we've got some light rain ahead for Thursday, and scattered showers Friday and Saturday. But I think our next good chance of seeing some measurable rain that could help us climb farther out of the rain hole will be on Sunday.

Don't put your umbrellas too far away!

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