I didn't hurt the dog: Man speaks out before arrest in animal cruelty case

RAW: Man accused of abusing dogs speaks out
Charles Lamont Davidson
Charles Lamont Davidson

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte man spoke out after video of him hitting a dog in his yard was posted online by a neighbor and went viral. Shortly after speaking on camera, the man was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The man seen in the video spoke with WBTV Wednesday afternoon. He said he hit the dog three times with a black and white purse for the dog's own safety.

"The dog was trying to choke itself," the man, who wouldn't tell us his name, said. "The dog had never been on a chain, a collar or nothing."

The video caught the attention of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Animal Care and Control (AC&C).

Officers say his name is Charles Lamont Davidson and they charged him with animal cruelty, following their investigation. He was arrested Wednesday afternoon at his home shortly after speaking to WBTV.

The man said he's had the dog since January and had to put the dog on a chain because city officials came out to dig a trench in his yard. He said there were wires exposed and he had to put the dogs on chains to keep them safe.

"The dog was trying to choke itself, so I hit it and told her to be quiet," he said. "I didn't hit it with my hand or kick the dog or nothing. It was yelping anyway because it was trying to choke itself."

When asked if he thought he was hitting the dog hard, he said the dog was fine

"If they was in such dire distress, why didn't they take both [expletive] dogs?" he asked. "They took one [expletive] dog but they came back and they came and took the other dog."

"Davidson relinquished ownership rights of the abused canine to Animal Care & Control," officials said Wednesday afternoon. "The canine was transported to the animal shelter and was examined by the shelter veterinarian. The dog displayed no physical wounds or injuries but displayed submissive behaviors."

The second dog was taken by officers and will remain in the care of Animal Care & Control pending a trial.

When we spoke with the Davidson, he says he wasn't going to be charged with anything. He was arrested a short time later.

"Wasn't nothing wrong with the dog," he said. "They saw the dog wasn't bleeding or nothing."

The video was shared hundreds of times online and viewed thousands of times before it was pulled from Facebook.

Davidson says the person shooting the video was wrong for posting it.

"They need to mind their God [expletive] business," he told WBTV. "They need to mind their [expletive] business. I didn't hurt the [expletive] dog."

He's convince animal control officers are going to put his dogs down after they took custody of the dogs.

"I didn't do nothing, really. If I hit you with that, you ain't even gonna feel it," he said. "It was my voice. She was already yelping because of my voice. That right there didn't even hurt her. It wouldn't have hurt a two-year-old."

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