New NC bill filed on CBD oils - trying to "fix" problems with law last year

New bill filed in NC Legislature for CBD oils

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - A new bill filed Tuesday in the North Carolina House seems to be trying to reshape the hemp oil law passed last year. The 2014 law, passed in July, isn't helping extremely sick kids in the way legislators said they thought it would.

The new bill says all board certified neurologists in the state could prescribe CBD oils, a form of medical marijuana that can not get you high.

Current law says only four university teaching hospitals can study the medicine, and it's up to those facilities whether to study the natural plant version or a pharmaceutical version called Epidiolex.

The new bill also gets rid of language about needing "pilot studies". This, again, means the actual medicine could be prescribed by board-certified neurologists.

It also means any doctor doing a "pilot study" on the pharmaceutical version could also write a prescription for a different CBD product.

The new bill still doesn't talk about cultivation or how to get CBD oils in North Carolina.

It does seem to be a quick fix to getting rid of some barriers seen by parents of kids desperately trying to prescribe it to their children.

CBD oils remain unapproved by the FDA.

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