Man arrested after ongoing struggle with deputies

Man arrested after ongoing struggle with deputies

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A man wanted for allegedly stealing a golf cart had to be hit with a stun gun multiple times before he could be arrested, according to a report at the Rowan Sheriff's Office.

Sharr Andra Worth, 27, of 211 Correll Street in East Spencer, is charged with resisting police, felony breaking and entering, and felony larceny.

It began Monday night when a man reported the theft of a golf cart from his storage building. A short time later an East Spencer police officer spotted the golf cart in the woods off Mitchell St.

A Rowan County Sheriff's deputy was also working in the area. According to the report, a woman approached the deputy and the officer and told them that Sharr Andra Worth had told her that he had taken the golf cart. She showed them the key, along with an EBT card issued to Worth.

Moments later the officers spotted Worth, who started to run away. They told him to stop because they needed to talk to him. Worth did as they asked, until the deputy told Worth that he was under arrest.

At that point Worth ran into his apartment on Correll Street and slammed the door. As he was running he was hit by the barbs from a stun gun, but it had no effect, according to deputies.

The deputy then called for additional help and attempted to get Worth to come out from a bathroom in the apartment.

Eventually Worth did come out as several deputies, including a canine officer, were in the living room. Deputies told Worth to get on the floor and to bend forward and put his hands behind his back. According to the report, he was told to do this five times and would not cooperate.

Worth was then hit again with a stun gun and deputies had to physically pull Worth's arms from underneath him in order to put him in handcuffs.

As several deputies tried to get Worth in a patrol car, he continued to try and jerk away and run, kicking at the deputies, the report notes.

A surveillance video provided to WBTV by Worth's family shows the deputies struggling with Worth, and Worth was again hit by a stun gun until he complied.

Rowan EMS was called to the scene. Worth was evaluated but did not have to be taken to the hospital.

According to the report, once Worth and the deputy were on the way to the jail, Worth asked the deputy if he was just going to be charged with stealing the golf cart. The deputy indicated that he would be charged with that theft, as well as other charges. Worth allegedly said "how about just a written promise and we'll call it even?"

Worth became combative again once they reached the magistrate's office and jail. The report notes that jailers were not able to take Worth's fingerprints because he refused to comply with any commands.

Worth was placed in a padded cell.

Members of Worth's family contacted WBTV to say that they believed Worth had been mistreated by law enforcement, saying that Worth had been hit several times in the head, that he had been bitten by a law enforcement canine, and that he was mentally handicapped.

"I hope something is done with these officers," Shanna Roberts told WBTV.  Roberts is the girlfriend of Worth's uncle.  "I know that they do have a job to do, but they're job is to protect and serve, not to harm."

On Tuesday morning officials with Rowan Sheriff's Office told WBTV that Worth had not filed any complaint, and that he had no physical injuries of any kind. The jail supervisor asked Worth if he had been bitten by the dog and Worth replied "Hell no!" according to officials.