Kannapolis PD sets up safe zone for e-commerce buyers and sellers

Kannapolis PD sets up safe zone for e-commerce buyers and sellers

KANNAPOLIS, NC (WBTV) - With the increased number of criminal offenses which sometime occur during transactions made on the popular internet sites of Craigslist, eBay or Backpage a good rule of thumb when meeting strangers is to meet in a public place. The Kannapolis Police Department is offering a location at the department to ensure that these transactions can occur safely.

eCommerce or the purchasing / trading of items and products from the internet has increased dramatically over the past several of years.

Unfortunately, some of these transactions throughout the country have turned into scams, robberies, or even worse, as was the case for one couple brutally murdered in Rowan County in 2010.

By providing citizens with a safe location at the police department location on S. Main Street in Kannapolis and under video surveillance it is much less likely that a criminal would want to do business here.

Through social media, Mrs. Vicki Graham, a local resident of Kannapolis, contacted us and suggested that we consider providing a location for these drop offs to occur. After discussions with city staff and in an effort to assist citizens in our jurisdiction, the agency has designated two spots at the police department which are under video surveillance and well lit if these transactions occur at night.

In addition to the two outside spots you may choose to use the main lobby inside the department which is also under constant surveillance. The two eCommerce parking spots are visibly marked and will be located next to the handicapped accessible spots at the rear of the building.