Stuffed Spring Easter Lamb

Presented by Executive Chef Timothy Groody, Fork! Restaurant

Serves 7

5 # lamb shoulder deboned, butterflied

¾# lamb merquez sausage, or your favorite, any will work

2 cup chopped organic kale

½ # lamb bacon or pork bacon

butchers twine



Lay lamb on a clean surface.

Mix all the other ingredients.

Place stuffing in the center of the lamb.

Fold lamb over and roll tight.

Tie firmly with twine, not too tight roast needs room to expand.

This can be done 2 days in advance.

To cook season outside with salt & pepper.

Place in a roasting pan and bake 30 minutes at 450*.

Then turn oven to 300* and cook for 30 minutes more until the internal temperature is 140*

remove from the oven.

Make a gravy with the drippings.

Let the roast rest for 25 minutes then slice and serve.