Indoor Weather... Why Aren't My Dishes Dry?

Indoor Weather... Why Aren't My Dishes Dry?


Meteorology is a very practical science. I personally plan a lot around the weather… What day will I cut the grass? What time should I go for a run? Will this be a good or bad hair day? 

But you can use some of the same meteorological principles to figure things out. Have you ever wondered why the dishwasher finishes washing and drying but not everything is dry? The glasses tend to be dry but the plastics are as wet as can be. What do to? Let them sit and dry or dry them off yourself?

While I can't help your dishwasher perform more to your liking, I can explain why this happens. The dishes dry because the water evaporates. The machine heats everything up but the glass items hold more heat longer so the water evaporates faster. The plastics lose heat more quickly. Plus, water is more likely to condense on the cooler plastic dish than the hotter glass one. 

There you go! What's the solution? I'm not sure there is a perfect one but here's what I do. I let the wash cycle finish, then turn it off and open the door. Why use the dry cycle if it won't dry half the dishes? (and when you take out the wet plastic ones, you get the glass ones wet again) I shake the excess water off the plastics and let them all air dry. If you can do it in the evening and leave it open when people go to bed and aren't running around the kitchen, it's not a bad idea. 

When you get up the next morning, you've saved power/ money and you have dry dishes!