WEATHER BLOG: In like a lion, out like a lamb

WEATHER BLOG: In like a lion, out like a lamb

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You know what they say about the month of March. Did it hold true for us this month? Now that the month is officially in the rear-view mirror I thought I'd take a look back at how it stacked up.

We did not see any winter or frozen precipitation all month, so I'm not sure that it really "came in like a lion". However, we did see our share of cold during that first week, and the coldest we got all month in Charlotte was down to 23° on March 7. On the contrary, the warmest we got was 84° on March 17. Overall temperature-wise, we ended up above average for the month by 2.9°, with an average high of 66.0°, and an average low of 42.2°

As far as precipitation goes, however, we were below average. We saw 2.19" of rain, which is 1.82" less than we typically see over the month. This now puts our deficit at 2.73" for the year. The Drought Monitor graphic attached shows those areas that are now considered "abnormally dry" (anywhere in yellow) and you'll see that in includes the Char-Meck area and everywhere Northwest. In total just over 1/3 of the state of North Carolina is now considered abnormally dry.

So what does that mean for us heading through the rest of the Spring months? Fortunately, the outlook for the next few months ahead calls for above-normal rainfall, so hopefully we will cut back on our deficit or even transition to a surplus in the coming months.

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has put out an outlook for April-June 2015 in the southeast and it calls for an increased chance of above normal precipitation for the Carolinas. According to the CPC, we have a 40-50% chance of being wetter than normal over the next three months.

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