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BLOG: Pollen is coming, here's how to track it!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  Our partners at the Charlotte Observer recently posted a wonderful article on Pollen.  It covers every base answering questions such as what is responsible for all the yellow dust, which pollen is the worst for allergies, and when will the pollen peak in the Spring?  See this link for the complete article:

The part that caught my attention was the calculation they provided that allows us to estimate when the pollen will really ramp up, and when it is likely to peak.  Try and follow this.  Starting on February 1st each year, take note of every day that exceeds 55°.  Tabulate the amount the high temperature exceeds 55°.  (Example:  A day with a high of 63° gets a +8° for that day)  Then, continue to sum those values and track the running total as that number rises during the Spring months. 

The article states that once that total surpasses 300, the pollen should be expected to get underway in earnest, and peak pollen occurs around a total of 636.  So where do we stand today?  Well as of yesterday, Sunday March 29th, our degree-day total was 378.  So buckle your seatbelts, the pollen is now underway.

Our average high temperatures are rapidly approaching 70° now, so in theory if our ensuing days hover around average during April, we'll hit those peak values around the third week in April - sooner if it's a warm month. 

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