We Got More Snow Than Alaska?

We Got More Snow Than Alaska?
We're coming out of an unseasonably cold weekend. Even though we didn't break the low temperature record this morning, it was certainly below average when we hit 29°. The average low for today's date is 42°. The average high is 67° and we only reached 53° this afternoon.
This has been a really cold winter, as we all know. Just for fun, I thought I would compare our weather from January and February to the weather in Anchorage, AK. They've had a very mild winter.
Let's talk about snowfall. Anchorage, AK had no 4”+ snow events. That's the first time on record that has happened. At the Charlotte airport (where the official records are kept) we didn't either – but in February, Charlotte recorded 3.1” of snow for the month. Anchorage had 1.1”. Our greatest 24 hour total was 1.9” and theirs was 0.9”. The Iditarod Sled Dog race had to be relocated due to the lack of snow. Around the WBTV viewing area, many events had to be postponed due to the presence of snow!
As far as temperatures are concerned, they were 3.3° above average in January and we about broke even. In February, they were 4.8° above average and we were 6.5° below average.
What is the reason for this? We more or less got some of their cold air. Whenever we talk about the jet stream, basically, the coldest air is to the north of it and the warmer air is to the south. Check out the image. This past winter, the jet stream was so far to the north over Alaska that they were tapping into the warmer air. Meanwhile, the coldest air was being pulled south and we had an extra cold winter. 
Hopefully we can even things back out next year…