Over 50 workout using one weight

Over 50 workout using one weight

Exercise can reduce some of the symptoms of aging. So it's more important than ever to exercise if you're over 50.

Some of the benefits include boosting energy, managing or reducing symptoms of illness or pain, and helping maintain independence. Eric Lewis, husband to WBTV regular Nettie Reeves, and crew stopped by the WBTV News Saturday Morning show to demonstrate a few moves.


1.STANDING CORE - Place weight in both hands in front of body. With knees slightly bent, lean from side to side.

2.SQUAT CURLS - Hold weight in both hands, keeping elbows close to body. Squat (keeping heels on the floor) while bending elbows. Legs come back to standing position as arms come back to starting position.


1. TERROR SQUADS - While sitting on the floor, lean back, slightly bend knees. Place weight in both hands, bend elbows. Rock weight from side to side.

2. MEET IN THE MIDDLE - Lying on back with extended legs, place weight in hands and hold overhead. Sit up with arms swinging to the middle as one leg meets the weight in the middle. Alternate legs.

3. PLANK VARIATIONS - Elbows and Hands. Gradually build from the elbows to hands.

Tip: Always work at your own pace and within your own limitations. Listen to your body.

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