Reporter Notebook: Why you won't see the amazing video of the Innes Street Drug car crash

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It's the video that everyone wants to see, but Mike and Steve Fuller don't want you to see it, and their reasons are nothing less than compassionate.

You know by now that Mary Archie hit the gas and drove her Cadillac across the sidewalk and into the front of Innes Street Drug on Tuesday afternoon.

When the small SUV came to a stop, a woman named Terry Cuthbertson was trapped between the front of the car and a stack of metal shelves that had been pushed all the way to the back of the store.

Cuthbertson was freed with the help of the Salisbury Fire Department, Salisbury Police, and EMS.

On Wednesday, I went to the store to see how things looked. The front of the store has been temporarily repaired and the store is open for customers who need their prescriptions filled, but other than that bit of normalcy, the store looks very odd with the entire middle section of shelving completely gone,

There are tire tracks on the carpet near the front door. The is one particular spot where the rear wheel was spinning even though the Caddy wasn't moving. It left a perfect impression of the tire tread burned into the gray carpet.

The store smells like BBQ sauce. One of the first things the SUV struck was a large display of "Blowing Smoke" sauce, in fact, in the video you can see sauce all over the front bumper of the car.

The floor tiles near the soda fountain are covered in bright colors of red, purple, and blue from broken make up containers that spilled their colorful contents.

The store's video cameras captured the incident from several angles. It all happens so quickly, and to me, the amazing thing is that only one person was hurt.

At the time of the accident there are several people walking around the store, including Cuthbertson, a man, and what appears to be his young daughter.

When the SUV comes through the door the man finds himself on the hood. He rides all the way to the back of the store and then jumps off and runs out of frame. The young girl wasn't hit by the car and she runs out the front door.

A worker sitting on a stool at the back of the store sees the car coming and jumps, and literally as soon as she's off the stool, the metal shelves obliterate the space where she had been sitting seconds before.

Cuthbertson can't actually be seen but for a brief second, but once the car comes to a stop you can see Cuthbertson push a row of shelves out of the way.

Another worker at the front of the store dives for cover as she sees the car pass by within feet of where she is standing.

I'll admit, I wanted to use the video on the news. It's compelling to watch and as they say in my business "it's good TV."

I asked owners Mike and Steve Fuller about using the video. We watched it a few times and I thought maybe I'd get to show it to you, but then the Fullers decided that maybe it wouldn't be a good idea.

Even though the man "riding the hood" apparently wasn't hurt, it is very disturbing to see him get struck by the car, and to see the little girl running for her life. It also captures very emotional reactions from workers and others as the dust begins to settle.

I'd love to show it you, but it's hard to fault the Fullers for hanging on to it right now. They've been an important asset in this community for a long time, and their compassion is certainly one of the reasons why they have such a good reputation.

Good TV can wait.

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