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Latest fight at Harding High has some school employees concerned


By no means is it movie quality but the cell phone video that captured a fight Friday on the grounds of Harding University High School evidently illustrates what some believe is a problem at the school.

An employee at Harding High contacted WBTV with the video a student recorded.

The school employee, who doesn't want to be identified, "wants something done about the violence at the school." The worker said "teachers and students are afraid to show up because of the environment."

According to the employee, "higher-ups want to keep suspensions down" and nothing is being done about the "daily fights."

WBTV reached out to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for an interview but was told no school officials were available Wednesday afternoon.

We asked parents and students if there was a problem at Harding High.

"They're not daily fights," senior Ayanna Dawson said. "They're every blue moon. Not everyday - like everybody said they are."

Sophomore Tiffany Hill said "it's not daily but it's too much. It's too often I would say to be fighting and it's over stupid stuff to be honest."

Hill said she didn't witness Friday's fight but saw videos of it. Other students said it's freshmen who seem to be starting most of the trouble on campus.

Parents said they don't have the impression that school leaders are ignoring fights. And, according Dawson, "our administration are doing stuff to help our suspensions get down but they are trying to make our school very safe so they're trying to get those kids out."

WBTV requested the statistics for the number of suspensions at Harding High so far this school year compared to the previous school year. We also wanted to know how many fights have occurred on school grounds so far this year. CMS said the numbers were not available Wednesday afternoon, but most likely Thursday.

A staff member in the CMS Communications Office said "according to the students' code of conduct, there are different levels of discipline. One of which is suspension."

Students who spoke with WBTV said all schools have issues but they believe Harding High developed a bad reputation.

"Everybody is like that's Harding of course they're going to fight. Of course they're going to act like that" Hill said.

The sophomore added "the classes and staff are good but the students... the students that's mainly the problem to be honest with you."

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