WSTP now showing some class; new format soon to be revealed

WSTP now showing some class; new format soon to be revealed

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - The heartbeat is gone, so is the short music clip, and now Salisbury radio station AM 1490 WSTP is taking on the classics by playing non stop classical music.

It's a far stretch from the news/talk format the station had embraced for the last two decades, but it may not be what will eventually become the station's new format.

On the air now the station identification says "from historic Salisbury, home of Catawba College." That's the same ID used by sister station WSAT, and both are now owned by the Catawba College Foundation.

Lance Poole, the son of general manager Buddy Poole, told WBTV that the station is "getting close" to revealing the new format.

Last week Poole announced that WBTV meteorologist Al Conklin would join the WSTP staff and provide weather forecasts on the station. Conklin will remain with WBTV doing the weather on WBTV News This Morning.

It is still not known if the once popular "Kent & Howard" morning show will return to WSTP, but sources have told WBTV that Howard Platt is likely to remain with the station doing play by play sports.

Stay tuned!