School nurse supervisor indicted in murder-for-hire plot

The school nurse supervisor accused of hiring someone to kill her ex-husband has been indicted by a federal grand jury on two charges.

The indictment comes nearly one month after the U.S. Attorney's Office unsealed a federal complaint and Fathia Davis was arrested.

When Davis appeared in court last month, two very different sides to the woman were described.

She was painted as cold, calculated, and dangerous by the prosecution; while the defense said she is a law abiding citizen and U.S. Army veteran who suffers from stress and anxiety.

According to the prosecution, Davis took steps to cover her tracks; however, the plot was all caught on tape. According to the criminal complaint, Davis offered $4,000 to two undercover officers to kill her husband. A concerned citizen said Davis approached him several times about doing the job, and he eventually tipped off police.

Davis had a big show of support in court. Members from her church and Bible study said that Davis is "an amazing woman" with "a passion for helping."

"Past performance is the best indicator of future success," said Davis' defense attorney John Snyder.

"She has a really good life history. We don't expect any problems while this continues."

"Obviously, the government has a snapshot of events that they feel define her and we have a movie-length version of who she is and what her life has been like," said Snyder.

After her court appearance, Davis was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond under house arrest where she will be required to wear a GPS monitoring device. She also has to hand over her passport, her daughter's passport and the gun she owns.

Davis is also prohibited from having contact with her ex-husband and any child custody arrangements or visiting has to be done through a third-party.

Davis will have to undergo a mental health evaluation and complete any kind of treatment required from the exam.

Davis works with the Mecklenburg County Health Department. She has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the charges.

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