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School apologizes after biology assignment turns 'ugly'

Image of the "Wall of Ugly" provided by parent Image of the "Wall of Ugly" provided by parent

Some parents are upset after they say a science project at a high school turned offensive.

"It was a little bit hurtful," Lake Norman Charter school parent Patricia Brinson said. "After seeing it and driving from work this morning, it brought tears."

The project was about DNA. Parents say students flipped a coin to obtain different character traits. Once they received that information, students had to draw what they thought the baby would look like with those particular trait.

"Ten out of the 12 pictures were dark features," the parent said. "They made some of the features look like a monkey, like an ape, like a gorilla. One they just scribbled on it and the heading had 'Wall of Ugly'."

That particular heading is what got parents upset.

"In my mind," Brinson said. "Are you saying that African American children are ugly. We look like monkeys, apes - that's what really bothered me about it."

Parents did talk to school officials about this matter. Officials are now calling this incident a regretful incident and says this is inconsistent with the school's values.

"While the science lab itself was valuable and supported the curriculum, the display of resulting drawings was inconsistent with our values as well as hurtful and damaging to our students, families and their diverse backgrounds," school officials said. 

"We deeply apologize to those students and families who were directly impacted by this," the school continued. "This display was unacceptable and inconsistent with who we are as a school and community and has been removed."

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