BLOG: A monument for Tornadoes?

BLOG: A monument for Tornadoes?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Imagine for a moment Charlotte was smack in the middle of Tornado Alley.  Imagine for a moment that Mecklenburg County has had 76 direct hits from tornadoes since 1950; that's more than one every year! Imagine for a moment the number of families and lives that would have been impacted over this recent history.

How would you feel then about Charlotte building a 300 foot building in the shape of a tornado? Cool idea? Or bad taste?  That very question is being batted around right now in Tulsa, OK where proposals are on the table to do just that.

Beyond the fact it would be quite a tourist attraction, which always helps the local economy, the plan for it is to house classrooms, a weather museum, severe storms laboratory and much more.  Oh, and of course how could I forget the revolving restaurant at the top - cyclonically of course!

Check out this great article, with more pictures.  And like most online stories, you can weigh in with your own comments.  Finally, I can't talk about severe weather without reminding you to download our weather app for your smart phone which received a nice review today in the Charlotte Observer.  You download it right here at

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Enjoy the article!