BLOG: Why aren't you wearing green?!

BLOG: Why aren't you wearing green?!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We get this question in the weather center every year. Some people get quite upset that Meteorologists don't play along with the green theme. However there's a reason why we don't typically wear green on St. Patrick's Day.

We have nothing against Leprechauns… and who doesn't love a shamrock?

It's all about the "green screen". You're heard of it. Well, it really is just a big green wall. It prevents us from wearing green on St. Patrick's Day – or any other day. If we wear green, you will see right through us. You would see our maps instead of our festive outfit – as I demonstrated with my green t-shirt earlier today.

The green screen is what makes it look like we are standing on top of our maps. The camera filters out all of the green and replaces it with a different background. So the next time you want to complain about the Weather Team not celebrating the holiday, turn that frown upside-down! Be thankful we aren't still sticking big H's and L's on a board by hand!

Overall, I think it's a fair trade…

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