Three-part method to happiness

Three part method to happiness

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We all want to be happy.  Author and Personal Development Coach Tiffany Mason says she can help us get there.

She visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to share her advice for finding happiness.  That advice follows:

3-part method to happiness

1) Accept your past

Tony Robbins Quote: "I have plenty of failures but I don't look at them that way, not because I am in denial but because I make myself learn something from it then it becomes a stepping stone."

2) Gain the wisdom

*Learn from your past mistakes and failures

*Use the right tools to design your life (personal development books, audio,etc)

3) Design your future

*Implement the wisdom in your life

DESIGN Formula

Discover the lessons of your past

Explore opportunities to grow

Strategize your tools

Implement your tools

Grow your wisdom

Nourish your mind

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