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BLOG: Who is most at risk for disaster?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When I was young, I remember word spreading among my friends and peers that the World Almanac was an amazing resource to learn about natural disasters.  We didn't have Google and the internet back then.  So where was the biggest and tallest tsunami ever observed? The strongest earthquake? The worst tornado?  It wasn't that I enjoyed reading about the heartache and misery of others, I was simply fascinated by the power of nature.  I suppose my interest in the forces of nature influenced my decision to study and earn a degree in meteorology from Penn State University.

So when I ran across this article about the world's riskiest places to live and therefore most likely to encounter a natural disaster, I had to stop and read it.  Now I want to share it with you.  The good news for us is there is only one place in the United States that falls in the Top 50 most riskiest places to live.  Can you guess the city?  However, even though there is only one city here that lands on that list, our country as a whole is considered to be the second riskiest country on the planet.  That is due to a combination of natural disasters and our economic exposure to them. 

Enjoy, and as always...  stay safe!

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