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Driver hits and kills man's service dog, then drives off


Police say that it may not fall under the category of criminal activity, but more of a common courtesy for a driver to stop after hitting a dog in the street.

It happened Tuesday night just after 9:00 pm on Mahaley Avenue.  According to the police report, Gary Eury, 28, and his service dog Briggs were crossing the street when Eury noticed a car heading towards them.  Eury made it to his driveway but says Briggs stopped short of the driveway. Eury said that he tried to pull Briggs into the yard but that the car struck the dog and dragged it several feet. 

In the report, Eury said the driver continued on his way after hitting the dog.  Eury said he did not see the license plate of the car, but could only describe it as "dark."  A Toyota badge was found in the street, but police aren't sure that it came from the car that struck the dog.

Salisbury Police responded within minutes.  Officers put the dog in a patrol car adapted for K-9 officers and rushed to the emergency veterinarian in Kannapolis, but the dog passed away.

Police are not searching for the driver, saying that striking a dog that is in the street is not a criminal offense.

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