Google is trying to make your life easier

Google can hack your life

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Have you ever realized the power you have beyond a search engine to get a personal assistant like service? That's where "Google hacks" come in. Their sole purpose is to make life easier.

We have so many tools available to us, it can be overwhelming. Still you can get help in some simple ways. WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton, with Fortalice Solutions, shows you how to turn Google search into a life hack to make your life easier.

Her suggestions follow:

Go to Google and type in...

1. Check a flight: "Flight # and Airline"

2. Find what you need nearby: "Tell me places to eat lunch near me"

3. Diet help: "Spinach vs. Carrots"

4. Find a book: "Books by Author Name"

5. Calculate a tip: "Tip calculator"

6. Translation: "Google translate"

7. Origins of words: "Word etymology"

8. Currency conversion: "currency converter"

And for this week's safety tip, check out the Google Safety Center

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