"Nervous look" leads to one man's arrest

"Nervous look" leads to one man's arrest

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Salisbury Police officer said in his report that it was a driver's "nervous look" and habit of continually looking in his rear view mirror that first got his attention, but it was something more tangible that led to the traffic stop and the arrest.

The officer spotted a Mazda Tribute driving on Jake Alexander Boulevard towards Stokes Ferry Road on Tuesday afternoon at around 3:40 pm. The officer noted that when he and the driver of the Mazda made eye contact, the driver had a "nervous look" on his face.

The officer followed the driver, also noting his habit of frequently looking in the rear view mirror.  As they approached the areas of Pine and Lisk Streets, the officer said he saw the driver throw something out of the window.

That was enough for the officer to make a traffic stop.  According to the report, when the officer approached the driver he asked him if had thrown something out of the window, and the driver responded that he had.

Police recovered 5 grams of cocaine, along with $793.46, that included 39 $20 bills.  A razor was also found.

Michael Lee Harris, 29, of Wildwood Drive in Salisbury was charged with two counts of felony drug possession and jailed under $2500 bond. Harris was also cited for driving while his license was revoked.