BLOG: Severe Weather Awareness Week

BLOG: Severe Weather Awareness Week

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is North Carolina Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Now is a good time to review the safety tips when it comes to the dangers of Severe Weather and Tornadoes.


Watch - This mean conditions are favorable for a particular type of severe weather such as Tornadoes, Damaging (Severe) Thunderstorms or Floods.  It doesn't mean a storm is approaching you, but you should be alert for dangerous weather during the Watch period.

Warning - This means the dangerous weather is imminent if the warning is for your county or town.  You should take immediate action to protect yourself and your family.

In the event of a tornado here are some do's and don'ts:

Get to a sturdy building.

Get to the lowest level possible, a basement is best if you have one.

Get to the middle of your home such as an interior bathroom or closet with no windows.

Put as many walls between you and the outside of your house as possible.

Take something to cover and protect your head.

Do not stay in a mobile home.

Do not stay or try to escape in a car.

If you are caught without adequate shelter, get into a ditch, lie flat and cover your head.

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