Snow in Concord creates work and play

Snowstorm means hard work for some, playtime for others

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Snow did stick to the ground in Concord, and crews with the Department of Transportation were out overnight clearing and plowing the roads.

Joe Wilson, Director of Transportation for Concord, makes a prediction before every snowfall. For this storm, he guessed there would be about two inches on the roadways and that's about what they got, since the temperatures never dropped below freezing.

There was more accumulation on the grass, which made it perfect for kids who had another day off from school.
Kids built forts, snowmen and enjoyed the white stuff to the fullest.  We found a group gathered at a hill in Highland Creek in Cabarrus County having a blast.
"It's cool and I like sledding," Evan Bloch said.
Some parents liked it too, and joined in.

"We don't see too much snow each winter. I wish we got a little more, but I'm happy we got some," Stephanie Sheets said.
And moms and dads were waiting to see if school will be in session Friday. 
"There's snow on the ground so we won't have school for days, surely," Sheets said.
The superintendent makes that call but everyone has a prediction.
"I just think it's going to refreeze tonight," Wilson said, "I don't think they'll have school tomorrow."
Crews were able to battle the secondary roads in neighborhoods.
"You aren't just plowing 12 hours a shift," Wilson explained.
Metal blades scraping on asphalt means plows have to come into the operations garage for replacement blades.
"With as much slush as there is, we will probably get around to most all the roads today.  There will be some slush that may refreeze tonight," Wilson said.

Crews in Concord plan to have four trucks operating overnight to address icy spots and to have the main roads ready for rush hour in the morning.

Thursday night the superintendent for Cabarrus County schools put all the speculation to rest and said schools will operate on a two-hour delay Friday.