CIAA bounces back after winter storm

CIAA on track after winter storm

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Commissioner Jacqie McWilliams is saying "Oh Happy Day" because the snow storm has passed.

McWilliams said she hardly went to any games since the tournament started because she was dealing with the winter storm.  The Commissioner believes city officials made a huge difference guiding the CIAA through the storm.

"They have a well oiled machine here," the commissioner said. "I mean the conversation and the dialogue for the last two days helped us prepared to make the decisions. We've had delays but the sun is shining and people are coming today is a big day for us."

McWilliams also said there could some concern with host hotels. Since fans had to book their rooms through the CIAA, there was no cancellation policy. Fans who were stranded because of the weather had to pay for a hotel room they didn't use.  The commissioner is contacting hotel management to see if something can be worked out.

While CIAA returns to normal, businesses used Thursday to bounce back.

Pride Catering had to shut down its food booth early because of weather.

"It had a slight impact," Business Owner Vroon Pride said. "But we will overcome it for the rest of the week."

The Career Expo was delayed on Thursday because of the weather. About 1/4 of the recruiters didn't show up thanks to Mother Nature.  More than 200 college students and alumnae showed up looking for work, educational opportunities and internships.

The commissioner is hoping the rest of the tournament will go as planned without interference from the weather.

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