Soldier's remains to return home 45 years later

When the Army officer's car pulled up in front of the Price home in Belmont in 1970, The word came as sharp as the 60 caliber round that brought Staff Sergeant Bunyan Durant Price's helicopter down behind enemy lines in Cambodia. He survived the crash, but no one knows what happened after that. For 45 years this family never stopped waiting for their brother to come home. Now the wait is close to over.

"February 9th I got the call confirming it was really him," Brenda Harris, Price's sister, said.

Officials found remains about a mile from where the crash happened and just recently confirmed they belonged to SSGT Price. For the family, it's news that's bittersweet. They wanted their brother back, they would have preferred him to be alive. For 45 years they held out hope he might still be alive, then the phone call confirmed the worst.

Army officials are meeting with the family to plan a date for SSGT Price's remains to come home along with a funeral with full military honors. A bittersweet ending, but one a hero deserves.

Price's brother Dennis says it's time, "I'm just glad he's finally getting some of the honor and respect he deserved. He went over there and fought and lost his life."