Check on your neighbor during bad weather

Check on your neighbor during bad weather

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - This winter storm has the potential to make it very difficult for many of your neighbors to get to get the things they need, and many who live alone may not have anyone to check on them.

Betty Whitaker is sort of looking forward to seeing the snow.

"Yes and no," Whitaker told WBTV.  "I would love to see a good snow, but then I wonder what I'm going to do, how I'm going to get my paper, what I'm going to do when I have to get out of the house."

Betty lives alone with her cats, Joe, and shy katie under the dining room chair. But she does have neighbors who pay close attention.

"Mary, the one on the corner, watches me because she knows that I'm alone and if she sees something that doesn't look right she's going to be on that telephone," Whitaker added.

For many, this kind of weather will have them home bound. Agencies like Meals on Wheels took steps today to make usureits clients can eat when the roads are too rough to make deliveries.

"They get emergency meal packs, but we know that some folks don't have family nearby, so today we've been sending out some additional food to make sure that they will have something in anticipation of the bad weather tomorrow," Meals On Wheels Executive Director Rita Sims told WBTV.

'We give three to every client and the intent is to be used on days that we cant' deliver a hot meal," said Meals On Wheels Board member Jeff Schall. "The package actually consists of three boxes."

Betty cooks for herself and is in good shape for the coming storm, but hopes others who live alone will not be forgotten.

"It really is important," Whitaker said.

Rita Sims with Meals On Wheels says be aware that they are alone and they need to check on them, call them, make sure that they've got power, make sure their water is working, make sure they have adequate food in the house.