Governor: If the worst doesn't come we'll be very, very thankful

Governor: If the worst doesn't come we'll be very, very thankful

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and other state officials spoke at a press conference, updating the public on state preparations for the winter storm expected to start Wednesday evening.

McCrory said a curve ball was thrown in the Raleigh-Durham area when snow started falling unexpectedly. He thanked crews and citizens in the area on their handling of the situation.

State troopers responded to 3,000 calls yesterday. The North Carolina Department of Transportation has been working since Tuesday morning to treat roads. McCrory expects the roadways to be hazardous again Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Sadly, McCrory said, two people have died in the state after losing control of their vehicles.

As for the Charlotte area, McCrory expects five to eight inches of snow with a possible light glaze of ice. McCrory issued a state of emergency declarations Wednesday morning.

Secretary of transportation Anthony Tata took the podium and thanked crews for their work in treating the roadways, saying safety is always top priority. So far, 13,000 tons of salt has been spread across roads in North Carolina. The DOT has been preparing those roads since Tuesday.

McCrory also warned the public of power outages, saying that outages are unpredictable with this type of weather.

State trooper Frank Perry said 700 troopers will be ready to respond during the storm. He asks citizens NOT to call 911 for roadway issues an instead to call 511.

"If the worst doesn't come we'll be very, very thankful," McCrory said.

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