Protecting your devices if they are stolen

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It has happened to all of us. You are working everywhere you go.

The airport. The coffee shop. The beach. Then suddenly, you realize you need to leave your device unattended. Maybe it's to pay for something or visit the bathroom? Maybe it's to check on something in your car. Or perhaps you set it down just for a moment to check in at a hotel or cafe? Regardless, you have that moment where you question - should I leave it here or shouldn't I?

Theresa Payton of Fortalice Solutions offers advice to help keep those devices safe. Her advice follows:


1. Password protect it & encrypt the hard drive (these options usually come for free in the software on all new laptops and devices)

2. Don't store passwords on the device for that device

3. Consider an alarm that goes off when it gets within X feet of you (sample products are: Kensington Proximo using a Proximity Tag or a Hippih hipKey attached to your keys &/or the device bag.)

4. Don't every leave it unattended - lock it up at home, in hotels, etc.

5. Carry it in a non obvious device carrier - tote bag or backpack

6. Back up your data often just in case the device is stolen

If it is stolen, it's possible to use your online services to help you find the device. It might not help you gain possession back but it might provide clues.

Macbook with iCloud

iCloud as an anti theft tool that lets you track devices and in some cases, erase your data

Services like Dropbox, Facebook and Gmail

These services often track the IP address accessing YOUR account. If someone uses your device to access your accounts, the IP address might pop up on their systems.

The IP address can sometimes locate the physical location within 300 feet. Never try to apprehend the device from the criminal, please go to the police.

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